Friday, May 17, 2013

Publico : a vintage beauty

My life has been busy recently. Things in my med school was not being nice recently, so I managed to attain some rewards by the end of the week. And what's my reward for this week? Yeap, a treat of pretty lunch!

So I organized a lunch with some of my friends with Publico. A vintage American restaurant ambiance was very dominating and pretty, perfect place for a cloudy Saturday afternoon. The high ceiling and the red brick wall fitted up the prettiness of this building.

I felt like reading a newspaper!
I was tempted to try all of them.

An appetizer came out. A plate of fried wonton called Mulberry Spring (35k) . Basically it was shrimp wonton with sweet chilly sauce. I thought they would offer some kind of variation on the dumpling. Not bad for an appetizer. 

Duck aglio olio (70k). I had never been eating aglio olio with duck so I thought this was something new. The pasta was well cooked, quite chilly, and the duck was just fine. It was a good plate but it was not the highlight of the day.

Southern friedchicken salad (55k). I thought it would be a bowl of salad with tiny fried chicken on top. I was wrong. The presentation was not really tempting, but it turned out quite good. They served mayonnaise as the dressing, and I did not really a fan of it.

The winner of the day: tea smoked salmon (95k). The salmon was generous! The salmon was thick and grilled well. It was tender and well seasoned. The salmon was served with soyu-like sauce. The sauce was so nice, it was salt and slightly sweet. The food was presented with green mashed potato, apple salad, mushrooms, and red beans. The mushroom and red bean were surprisingly delicate. My favorite one so far.

Lunch is not a pretty lunch till it reaches the dessert, right? The chilled mars bar (55k) was made of dark chocolate and the bitter taste was really strong. I liked the crumble at the bottom of it though. A recommended one for the dark chocolate lover.

Pretty place, pretty dishes, and pretty companions. Publico was a pleasant pretty lunch indeed. I would go back for their tea smoked salmon!

Senopati Raya no. 65
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
(021) 5296 4960

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