Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blue Elephant : a royal Thai

I was missing Bangkok.
I missed the richness I could find in Thai food.
I missed the hilarity of the city.
I missed the amazement of how affordable it was.
But still, their food was the one I missed the most.

Finding Thai food in Jakarta was not hard. The offer was quite tantalizing. I did have a great experience in Thai food once I was in Sydney and I put my expectation high in Jakarta.

Blue Elephant seems to be a great option. They claimed themselves as a Royal Thai Restaurant, which is quite promising. They spread their wings to Paris, London, Dubai, Bangkok, and many other countries, they have been managing this industry since 1980. I really hope my choice could remind me a taste of authentic Thai food.

It was a classic Thai restaurant, which could remind you to a classic Thai kingdom. Dominated with wooden ceiling and dim light, Blue Elephant offered the futuristic ambiance and its elegance in the heart of Jakarta. The cutlery was pretty as well.

A complimentary from the chef. Their chef was authentic, too!
Anyway it was a scoop of fresh Balinese orange, tasty fish cake, and tofu. Everything was nice.

Green Chicken Curry. The coconut green curry was thick and tasty. It was served with big chunks of tender chicken and slices of eggplants. The curry was such a winner!

And yes, you got four big slices of Roti Canai served with the green curry. I really like the mixture of the crunchiness of Roti Canai met the warm green curry. A pleasure one indeed.

 Blue Elephant Pad Thai. Their famous stir-fried rice noodle with the mixture of chives, tofu egg, and beansprout. Their Pad Thai was yummy, but I expected more. The flavor was a bit plain compared to the one I usually had. Or maybe this kind of Pad Thai was an authentic one?

Thai Sweet Cassava. Famous Thai cassave served with perfumed syrup and vanilla ice cream. It was funny to know that they were serving the cassava with ice cream, never had this kind of serving before. Anyway, it was such a sweet dessert to end the night!

It was authentic and their service was very friendly. I felt like being invited to a classic Thai dining. The food was quite a reminder of Bangkok, but could not beat the affordable prices, since Blue Elephant was quite pricey.
I would back for their green curry and other dishes for sure!

Blue Elephant
Jl. Cut Meutia no 2
Jakarta Pusat
021 3150980

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