Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mie Naripan : One hearty meal

Sometimes you did not need any appetizer to start with or any dessert for a sweet ending.
Just a bowl of hearty meal.
A bowl of warmth and modesty.
A simple thing which could brighten up your morning.

Mie Naripan was known as a legendary noodle in Bandung. Those crowds just loved the originality of the noodle. For some of them it was their weekly routine. For me, it was my curiosity which brought me here. It was packed all the time, they said. 9 in the morning and I was lucky that it was not full, yet.

A bowl of Yamien (25k) was right in front of me. Fragrant and mouth-watering. I just couldn't wait to grab a full-bite of it!
It was chewy, sweet, and salty. I was hoping it could be any sweeter, though. The minced chicken was well seasoned, which was really tasty.

My highlight of the day. A crunchy-outside-and-gooey-inside fried meatballs (6k each). It was heavenly when the crunchiness met the rich flavor of it. I did not really into fried food, but it was surely my exception! A must try!
*contained pork

It was a satisfying breakfast. Yamien could be my new favorite breakfast. Any suggestion for other good yamien?

Mie Naripan
Jl. Naripan No. 108
Cibeunying, Bandung
(022) 420 5516

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  1. Kematangan mienya pas,rasanya juga kenyel.Bumbu dr mienya tdk asin&walaupun pesen yg manis the taste is just balance mie naripan enak pantas di bilang mie yamin legenda di bandung cek info mie naripannya di sini min