Saturday, August 3, 2013

E & O (Eastern Oriental) : A perfect duo

16,8 km away.
This journey took me 1,5 hours in Jakarta's messy traffic.
Is it worth the wait?

Okay, here's what happen when the creator of those renowned restaurants meet the famous chef of Bali's eminent Sarong and Mama San. It was beautiful. They are unique. A Thai-Vietnamese cuisine is really a winner in the middle of Jakarta's boisterousness. 

It was something between Loewy and Union, I could say. The bright sunlight came through those pretty big windows, contributing the classic beauty of it. It was spacious, but I could imagine the rush in their busy days. 

It was pretty, could I say it again?
Anyway, most of their menus are mean to be shared. It was generous!

Som Tum (50k). What a presentation of green papaya salad they had here! A generous bowl with all those freshness inside served with fresh vegetables. It was beautiful and everything was well balanced. I could feel the sweetness, the sour taste, and the savory in the same time.


Barramundi Green Curry (140k) served with wild ginger, baby corn, and Thai basil. My highlight of the day, my favorite one.
The curry was awesome, the best one I could find in Jakarta so far. It was rich, savory, and tasteful. The fish was very tender. Everything in the bowl was just right!

Crispy Soy Chicken (120k). A plate of beautifully presented crispy chicken with soy tamarind and chilly sauce. I looked forward for a bite of crunchy chicken skin, but turned out it was not. It was quite good, though. A well cooked one!

I ordered Durian Pannacota but unluckily it was out of stock. So I was having black sticky rice with mango ice cream for my dessert. A spoonful of mango ice cream was really contributing the delicious taste!

I was fulfilled. It was not just one of those pretty restaurants, they really offered the quality of a star. I would really come back for another pretty and tasty meal!

E & O
Eastern Oriental
Menara Rajawali, 1st Floor
Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot#5.1, Kawasan Mega Kuningan 
(021) 29023418

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