Monday, August 19, 2013

Rocca and Co : An afternoon breeze

A perfect lazy afternoon is the one accompanied by dessert.
But I was not in the mood of slices of pretty cakes, or my favorite apple crumble, I just wanted something new. Something ticklish to my tongue. A thing I won't easily get everyday.

The building easily caught my eyes. It was not big, but I could sense the humble atmosphere inside. The huge window was really a comfort, offering the bright sunlight through the room.
Rocca was surely one of those cozy place.

A cup of hot Thai tea (23k). It was warm and sweet. I was expecting something more condensed, though.

They did not have wide variety of dessert, but Rocca Smores (29k) was their recommendation. I was not a fan of chocolate, but I really need something different this time.

It was pretty. Basically it was a bowl of chocolate fudge with marshmallow on top. The chocolate fudge was something between hot-and-cold. It would be much better to have it colder. The sweetness from the fudge met the gooey marshmallow was just overwhelming. A few bites and I was done.

It was not exquisite, but they had many selections of pasta, pizza, and many more. Too bad I was too full to try their main course. It could be my reason to come back next time!

Rocca and Co
Jl. Praga no. 16
(022) 4205664

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