Friday, August 23, 2013

Loewy : Something classy

 Breakfast is the most the important meal of the day, they said
Well, for me, breakfast is the only thing that could make me leave my beloved comfy bed.
Yeah, I love breakfast that much.
 Unfortunately I'm not really a morning person, I have my own breakfast time, it is around other people's lunch. I find myself enjoying having my breakfast at 11 am.
Luckily, many cafes offer the-all-day-brunch on weekend.

It was a hectic Saturday, Jakarta's traffic was quite heavy. But still, a reverie of a great brunch was such a jolly.
My first impression of Loewy, it was a combination of something bright, something spacious, and something classy. The idea of open area was brilliant, but the hot ambiance was quite an annoyance. I would really recommend to sit near the pretty window, enjoying Jakarta's light breeze.
It was packed on weekend, so reservation was highly suggested.

Platter of Escargots (40k), served with garlic butter and baguette slices.
It was a bit dry, sad to be said.

Calamari Asiatique (70k). It was everything I could ask from an appetizer. Deep fried squid sauteed with chili padi and garlic. It was crunchy, an ease in every bites. The seasoning was just great, contributing the rich flavor in it. But some people could find the chili was too dominating. 

Steak and Eggs (75k). A plate of tenderloin steak (you can have it your way) accompanied with  rosti hash browns and egg any style. The portion was generous! The steak and omelette was just fine, the rosti was quite enjoyable with its crispiness.

My old time favorite : french toast (60k).
I had this little chemistry with this kind of bread., this was surely my own indulgence.
I loved Loewy's for its fluffiness, the combination of the egg-y bread met the sweetness of maple syrup was such a pleasure. Served with choices of sausage or beef bacon and fresh fruits. The sausage was fine, something to equalize the sweetness on my plate.

It was quite a memorable one, although it would be much better to be seated near the window. The food was fine, but their brunch menu was pleasing me. I could really go back for it!

PS: Where could I find any great french toast? Your suggestion could really help! ;)

Lingkar Mega Kuningan E 42 no.1
Jakarta Pusat
(021) 25542378

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