Friday, August 9, 2013

Plan B : A glimpse of Spain

I always wanted to visit Spain.
I was imagining myself sipping sangria, enjoying an evening at the wonderful city.
I could really dreaming of trying those tapas in every different bar.
Saw the amazing architecture around the city.
Well, back to reality, the closest thing I could get was a Spanish lunch.

Located in a hidden area around Senayan, it was quite famous with its authenticity. Plan B started their service in 2012 under the Spanish chef Oskar. It was not fancy, just a humble little restaurant.

Squid in black ink sauce (35k). The squid was well-cooked, the sauce was tasty. Maybe it would be better if it was a warm one.

Mushroom in Bilbao style sauce (32k). Tender mushroom, the sauce was just fine. Not a real fan of mushroom, but this one was quite entertaining.

Broken egg, potato, beef corizo with red pepper sauce (35k). My most favorite tapas! The sauce mixed well with all the components, a really pleasant one. I could not stop digging the plate!

Salmon salad (35k). Loved the freshness served on the plate! Roman lettuce, fresh salmon, cherry tomato, red onion, croutons, accompanied with a glimpse of honey mustard dressing. Everything was just right.The color was pretty, and the taste was real good.

A plate of beauty. Salmon fillet served with sauteed mushrooms and the apple compote (83k). The sauce was sweet and it was such a pleasant one. The salmon was well cooked, but it was nothing special.

Beef entrecotte (100k). Australian sirloin with Roncal blue cheese sauce, served with potato and vegetables. It was tender, great sauce, fresh vegetables and fine potato. A luxury on a plate.

Seafood paella (160k). A pan of traditional Spanish rice with seafood on top. It was really big, enough for 3-4 person. It was quite famous and one of their customer's favorite, but I did not find it palatable for me. The seasoning was too bold to my taste. I did order Meat fideua (135) and it was much better than this one. Fideua was kind of macaroni used as a substitute for paella.

They had many variations of cakes and they were appetizing! I ended up with Spanish creme brule with burnt cinnamon on top (28k). It was a good closure for my Spanish lunch.

It was a good little restaurant, but it was not my favorite. Maybe I was not into Spanish food, it was a bit plain. Would come back for their dessert though!

Plan B restaurant
Rukan Permata Senyan, Jl Tentara Pelajar Blok D25
021 57940821

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