Wednesday, December 23, 2015


As you know I paid a visit to Food Fighters a while ago (click here for the previous review) and loved it! They have so many selections of food and I only had some of them. So I guess this hidden gem worth the second visit.

It is a good thing that I revisit Food Fighters in mid December, the weather is nice and a bit windy. So it is not a problem to enjoy this place, in their open air.

Let's dig into the food!

Shrimp salty egg - 35k
Got myself shrimp salty egg pasta. Basically it is fettucine cooked with creamy sauce, served with a hint of salted egg. Pasta was al dente, seasoned quite well but I'd like to taste richer flavor on this one. Cuts of egg white and prawns were served on top to beautify the dish. It was quite an enjoyable one!

Rice bowl oma (chicken) - 25k
This rice bowl from Sate Bumbu Oma is such heart warming dish. A bowl of tasty and tender chicken satay (you can have it with lamb too) served with their special sauce. You can also choose the sauce in sweet or spicy, special from NTT. I chose the spicy one because my brother is not a fond of spicy thing, it was good, but I think the spicy one would be a better company for the bowl. A heart warming dish indeed!

Black magic noodle - 45k
Now this one is my favorite! Maybe some of you knew it already that I am such a sucker for fried noodle, And I chose it right! This black magic noodle was made of charcoal and really was real gem! Tasty (and a bit spicy) black noodle, well seasoned, with fried egg and flavorful chicken for the sidedish. Such a beautiful flavor, in a humble way.

Kue cubit - 20k
Well I know that I had quite a lotsa food, but I could not say no to this all time favorite kue cubit from Kantin SD. I had it while it was still warm, and they just melted in my mouth, beautifully. I had one with original and one with chocolate flavor, and I should say the chocolate one was the winner. I was such a happy kid! 

Blue Smokigori - 35k
One of their favorite menu is Smokigori, which actually was beverage made of syrups, jelly, served with quite an attraction. Inthe glass they have pinneaple and lemon syrup, accompanied with curracao syrup in the bottle.

Strawberry blast - 30k
Judas Kitchen could be the choice to satisfy the needs in sunny days. They have several menus of smoothies and pressed juices and I just could not decide what to try because they sounds really nice! So I greated myself with berry smoothis, consisted of strawberry, strawberry jam,low fat ice cream, and skim milk. This cup was fresh and enjoyable, without feeling too guilty because they use low fat ingredients in it.

This is the last one, I promise! ;)
Martabak Factory is one of the latest stall in Food Fighters. one of their speciality is martabak with 8 different toppings and looked really nice. Too bad the ingredients were not ready while I was there so I got myself small martabak with 4 toppings. Quite a pleasing one, with peanuts, cheese, oreo, and chocolate on the top of it. Such a palatable closure for the day!

Overall I did have a good time. Nice ambiance with breezy open air and tasty food were the highlights of my second visit. Make sure you try the goodness too!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Food Fighters
Melawai IV No.7 (near Favehotel Melawai)
10 am to 10pm

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