Sunday, December 6, 2015


Say hello to Arraseo! Located in the busy street of Senopati, this Korean restaurant is not a newbie, but the goodness of their meal deserve the review! Was trying some of their new menus there, and surely those were one of my comfort food in Senopati. You know, the thing that comforting much when you are in hunger, they won't go wrong.

Let's jump into the food!

Gyu salad (78k)
Starting my lunch with something tasty yet flavorful. Fresh lettuce with tasty dressing, cuts of tomatoes, and slices of wagyu were such a good combination for a starter. Wagyu were tender with great seasoning.

Giblets shack (35k)
Okay now this is new. Cuts of giblets cooked with style on a sizzling pan. Good seasoning with cuts of chilly to make it richer. Never thought of it before! Suprisingly this one was quite good, especially for those who's a big fan of giblets!

Cheese chicken (85k)
My favorite meal of the day! Cuts of tender chicken, cooked with vegetables, with generous melted mozarella on top. The pouring sauce was very tasty, reminded me of sweet and sour chicken, but even better. I just could not stop myself to dig in the food!

Arasseo steak tartare (150k)
Now they caught me by surprise! This raw beef with egg yolk was such a pleasing plate, combined with their special sauce which made it really really good! The beef just melted in my mouth, like a burst of firework. Everthing on the plate was supporting each other to make a great taste. They came in pretty presentation with generous portion too!

Dream roll (49k)
Simply satisfying egg roll with fish roe, mayonnaise, and cheese filling. Egg roll and cheese won't ever fail, right? This one was pretty tasty. Such a comfort food indeed.

Oh my gyu (80k)
I am such a sucker for gyu tan lately, and I can say this one was pretty good! The gyutan was generous, some of them was chewy, but mostly was good. Seasoning was quite flavorful. I won't mind to have it as my comfort lunch.

Tartare dream (55k)
This one simply enjoyable! Imagine a bowl with warm rice, with cuts of lettuce, fried chicken, and their special tartare sauce. Simple, but this one really hooked my heart because it could deliver a comfort bowl with its simplicity. One of my favorite!

Beef grill with rice ball (125-220k)

I also had their Korean pancake with brown sugar filling, served with vanilla ice cream on top. Such a sweet ending to my enjoyable meal!
Overall I had a lovely afternoon, pleasant food, with good ambiance. Go give it a try!

Jl. Senopati no 16
Jakarta Pusat

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya
IG: @jechristy

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