Sunday, December 6, 2015

Farm To Table Event at C's Steak and Seafood Grand Hyatt Hotel

Local ingredients sometimes could be underestimated. We, as a customer, usually prefer import ingredients because they are more tender and richer in flavor. The good thing is, Qraved together with C's Steak and Seafood at Grand Hyatt Hotel in FARM TO TABLE event, is here to introduce the goodness of local ingredients. The ingredients come directly from the farm into the hands of the talented chef, to be magically cooked into great dish.

Why using local ingredients?
They are closer with the kitchen, means they are not tightly packed and shipped in long distance. You can enjoy it in their ripest time, which is actually really good, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are as nutritious as the imported one. The chef also can keep in touch with the local season of the farm product. Moreover, by using local food we are helping the life of Indonesian farmer, whose product is good too!

Indonesian seafood platter

Local momotoro tomato salad

Indonesian blue swimmer crab cake

Shaved vegetable salad

The night was opened with good appetizer. The seafood platter was fresh and tasty. Clams, lobster, prawn, you name it. The local momotoro tomato salad, surprisingly, tasted really good. The tomato was fresh, seasoned well, not to mention the cheese that made it even better. Shaved vegetable salad was a real pure fresh salad, with olive oil for the dressing. Those ingredients is the freshest you can get!

Beef with its condiment

Jumped into the main course, this big plate was such a feast!
The ribs, which was my favorite turned out to be the winner. Very tender, easily separated by fork. Greatly seasoned with flavorful sauce. The sirloin also came it great flavor! The grilled chicken was flavorful and enjoyable too, this was as good as the beef. The main course was accompanied by tasty cream spinach (I could not stop to dig in!) and enjoyable cuts of mushroom. 

Indonesian chocolate trio

A good dinner should be ended with a sweet one. They offered the chocolate trio, which was basically a plate of 3 kinds of chocolate with rich and flavorful taste. The chocolate trio came with pretty presentation, too! They had chocolate chiffon cake, chocolate mousse, and ice cream chocolate. The sweet flavor was not overwhelming, a good ending for the night.

Overall I had a really great dinner. Tasty food with fresh local ingredients by the talented chef, great service by Grand Hyatt Hotel, and an enjoyable night by Qraved. 
Let's support the locals!

Thanks to Grand Hyatt Hotel and Qraved for having me!

C's Steak and Seafood
    Jalan M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
    Grand Hyatt Hotel On the 4th Level of the hotel, Central Jakarta 10350

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