Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Say Something Coffee

Hello there people,

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Jonathan Christian Limanjaya, the reason for the introduction is because this is the first time that i try to write a review. You see, i usually just help my sister take some photos of the food and then she put it on the blog and yes Jessica is my big sis that eventually ask me to write so here it goes.

I believe that a lot of people is a big fan of coffee but the trend of going and relaxing in a coffee shop was just popping a few years back and now coffee shop has been a really popular place to hangout not just for coffee lovers but hipsters and etc, and not just for the great smell and taste of the coffee but also of the warm and cozy ambiance of the place with various design and itself uniqueness, many coffee shops pops up around South Jakarta and Tangerang lately. One coffee shop find itself to open in West Jakarta, the place is called SAY SOMETHING COFFEE, it's so lovely to have a coffee shop near my home.

When I first come in I really like the dark shady ambiance of the first floor and the warm welcoming of the barista.

We ordered a latte, a flat white and banana cake of course!! We sat in the 2nd floor, it's a really cozy place to relax and a really cool place to take photos

The flat white and latte came in with pretty presentation. I had quite high hopes for the goodness of the coffee but when i taste it they have a high acidity in their coffee and i'm not a big fan with high acidity coffee, some people might like it though. My sister is a big fan of banana cake and whenever and wherever she saw one surely it will end up in her tummy, the banana cake is pretty tasty with a hint of cinnamon and caramel sauce that will surely complete your coffee time. Anyway, It's a really cool and cozy place to relax, the coffee is good but not great but the cake wins my heart, you can bring your family and just have a good relaxing time.

Ruko Grand Aries Niaga, Blok G1 No. 2-0 
Jl Aries Utama, Meruya
Jakarta Barat
Opening hour: 9 am to 8 pm

Best regards.
Jonathan Christian 
IG : @jochristian

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