Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Roba Yakitori

Kinds of Japanese food is growing in rapid speed lately in Jakarta. Sushi, ramen, soba, and yakitori From all kind of those foods, Yakitori is not my first choice. But tempting menus of theirs pushed me to try this one. Moreover this new Robatayaki restaurant is Pancious' group new baby.

Located in one of the busiest mall of West Jakarta,  Roba Yakitori opened its door just next to the well known Pancious. Domination of wooden wall contributes the Japanese atmosphere, reminds me of mini Japanese stalls I read in comic. 

Once you step in, you are gonna be welcomed by rows of tempting skewer with many variation. Chicken leg, chicken skin, chicken breast, any kinds of katsu, you say it all. They also have set menus to help you decide what to eat. 

I get myself set menu 2B, which contains chicken leg, chicken breast, tamago and rice with terriyaki sauce. Portion is quite fulfilling. All of it is good but I prefer more sauce to make it richer.
My favorite skewer would be. the salmon one. Thick, juicy, with tasty teriyaki sauce as well. Anyway They have teriyaki sauce and wasabi garlic for the sauce. Surprisingly my eggplant taste really nice, too!
They also have variety of sushi and salad. Since I love inari, I go with seaweed inari. The portion of seaweed is generous, fresh, and crunchy. me likey!

I also have their banana katsu to end my meal. It is very sweet, a bit too mushy, but still quite nice.

Overall it is quite a pleasing meal. Such a new comer with variety of food.

Roba Yakitori
Mall Taman Anggrek 3rd floor (next to Pancious)
West Jakarta

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