Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kazan Ramen

Another addition to our ramen house, because ramen was such a hit in recent years. Kazan Ramen, has widely known as ramen originated from Osaka, opened its door in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Kazan ramen actually had opened its first Jakarta chain in Lotte Shopping Avenue, but due to their effort to serve you better, they moved to PIK area. 
Kazan itself means volcano, describing the way they present their dishes.

Ramen stuffs

Tried their Kazan Karamiso Ramen which came in 2 choice of serving (S: 59,8k ; L: 79.8k). I went for the small one and trust me, it was huge! The small one could really be enjoyed for 3 people. Their ramen came in unique way. Using a hot pot, they demonstrated how to cook it for 1 minute first, and after that ramen was ready!
This serving also came with additional soup and rice. I did wonder why, and they explained that somehow when we enjoyed ramen, we could enjoy the wasted soup with the rice they prepared. This was really something new for me, remembering that eating a whole portion of ramen always make my tummy overwhelmed.

Taste wise, it was quite light. It was the original taste of Osaka ramen, they said, was nothing like another ramen house. They did use own made noodle so their noodle consistency was quite different. A bit mushy, I should say. Cuts of vegetables were really dominating the hot pot, contributing the flavor of the soup. The winner of this bowl was surely the pork cuts. Two pieces of tasty pork belly! But these 2 pieces might be a minority compared with this huge bowl.

Quite a satisfaction for me, their curry rice it is. This hot stone curry rice with chicken karaage (49.8) was enjoyable. Curry sauce was alright. The hot stone itself contributed the burned rice at the bottom of the bowl. It would be really nice to have more pieces of karaage though.

This ramen house did not stop to amaze me in their unique way. Their signature dessert, ice kazan (59.8k) came with its really huge portion and beautiful presentation. Shaved ice with matcha, topped with red bean and vanilla ice cream, It was nice, but I prefer to have more toppings on it.

Overall it was quite an enjoyable meal. Best of luck for Kazan ramen!

Kazan Ramen
Ruko Cordoba blok A, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk
021 29704982

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