Thursday, March 19, 2015

Arasseo Soju Bar and Eatery

Throwing my memory back to one of my best holiday to Sydney and Melbourne. I remember trying so many restaurants which I never been to before. Most of them were Korean and Thailand restaurant. Korean food instantly became my favorite one at that time. Later when I got back to Indonesia, I found that our Korean food was not similar to theirs. Ours was dominated with grilled Korean barbecue while they were not.

So when bunch of ex-Melbourne students opened this kind of Korean restaurant, I was excited to give it a try. Moreover they just opened their door for lunch, giving me more chances to visit them. Arasseo located in the well-known Senopati area, just next to Pao Pao, sharing the same building with them. Decoration wise, it was not that spacious but comfortable. 
Anyway, I had this lunch with its lovely owner and my foodie friend Verdi .

Started with something real good: Tartare dream!
A bowl of hearty warm rice topped with bite-sized chicken with tartare sauce. The chicken was tender, but the winner was the tartare sauce. It was really yummy and I could not stop digging to this bowl. They said it was a reflection of Melbourne's favorite dish called Kay's chicken. No wonder it was one of their favorite menu!

Fried rice wrapped in omelette and topped with katsu. It was alright, a type of meal that would be everyone's comfort zone. But I'd prefer more kick in this plate!

Another Melbourne signature in my bowl : Oh My Gyu!
Ox tongue has been such a celebrity recently, while my favorite is still the first one I had in Menya Melbourne. This one was quite good. Sauce tasted good and the ox tongue was enjoyable. They said they are gonna make it thinner though, which is a good idea for me. 

Their creation was really innovative! Tried this Mr Chef Pasta which was basically pasta with gojuchang sauce, topped with beef and shredded cheese. The sauce itself had its unique taste, such a new experience to my palate.

Lovely lunch ended with lovely dessert. Got served this hotteok/korean pancake. I really liked the sweetness from the filling inside it, which consisted of peanut and brown sugar. Topped it with vanilla ice cream as a bonus, Yum!

Overall my lunch was really lovely. Lovely food, comfy ambiance, and lovely people. Surely will come back to try another creation of theirs!

Jl. Senopati no 16
Central Jakarta
021 27510187
opening hour : 11.00-24.00

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