Saturday, March 14, 2015

Little Belgium at Petit Julien

Sitting there, in the corner of little cafe, imagine yourself sipping a hot chocolate while reading a good book, and befriend with nice weather of Belgium. The smell of freshly made waffle welcomes you. Smell so good and you just can not wait to have one. 
That's my wild imagination of Belgium

Petit Julien, for me, is a little Belgium in the middle of big city. Seated comfily in the Lower ground of Grand Indonesia, they are the closest Belgium you can get. Dominated by red bricks and wooden chair, make it feel like being in Europe for a while.

Specializing in Belgian waffle, they are trying to keep it original like they had in Belgium. They imported the waffle machine and had fit all the premium ingredients. They has two to offers for the waffles. One with the dense, sweet and chewy kind of waffle called Liege waffle and the other one with crispy, thin, and light Brussels waffle. I really had a hard time deciding which one is going to be mine! :p

My favorite kind of waffle always like this : crispy outside and warm yet moist inside, also have it thick. So I decided to have the Liege one with mappleberry topping (45k). Consisted of icing sugar, dried cranberries, apples, cashews, maple syrups, and vanilla ice cream. All of the topping was like a fireworks to my buds. The sourness of the apples and cranberries really balanced the sweetness on my plate. I really do recommend to bite it all while it still warm to keep the moist texture of it.

A treat of hot chocolate(30k)is always a good thing. Theirs was a combination of dark choco,ate and milk chocolate so they tend to keep it not to bitter and not too sweet. My opinion? Such a good companion especially in the rainy days! ;)

Closer look to my waffle!

And they did have cake display too! Such a joyful view to the eye!

Belgian cookies!

Banana praline (35k) is a chocolate tart made of brownie and topped with banana pralines cremeux, while white choc cheesecake (25k) is a Belgian choco cheesecake with a bonus of speculoo crunch. Both are rich in taste and consisted of Original Belgian chocolate. I really like the taste of the mixture in banana praline, my favorite indeed!

Overall I really enjoyed my waffles and hot chocolate. Gonna be back soon to try another creation of theirs. Keep up the good work!;)

Petit Julien
Grand Indonesia Mall, Lower Ground, across Kinokuniya bookstore

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