Thursday, March 3, 2016


MYou have heard about Ming Village. It is one of my choice when I decided to have Chinese food in mal. Recently ,they came up with an idea to have place which was more suitable with young lifestyle, so Little Ming was born. It was located right next to Ming Village, with minimalist and more fun ambiance.

Wall decoration

The place was quite big, with capacity of 70 people. Ambiance was nice and kinda dark, suitable for the atmosphere of dimsum bar.

Prawn Youtiao -48k
Crunchy deep fried cakwe with prawn filling.

Ebi nori furrita - 55k
Spring roll with prawn filling and nori.

Salted egg runbing - 42k
My favorite appetizer! Basically it was fish spring roll with served with salted egg sauce. Salted wgg sauce was palatable with well-seasoned and crunchy rolls. I can have it all for sure!

Char ramien tamago -48k
It was the champion of the night! Perfectly cooked fried noodles topped with fried egg. The noodle was kind of my favorite, with a hint of black pepper sauce to make it great. It was surely my dfavorite finition of comfort food, and I think I would have it wherever I visit Little Ming.

Torikatsu Ming Fan - 58k
A hot bowl consisted of house special rice with deep fried chicken. I found the rice was too ordinary, because they used the usual steamed rice. But it was okay because the chicken katsu was greeaat! It was very tender and well seasoned, together with egg and veggies.

Tori Sanbei Ming Fan - 56k
This one was good too! Their special Ming fan served with chicken katsu. the rice was kinda sticky and fragrant, enjoyable to my palate. The chicken katsu was also good, and their special sambal was really won my heart! I could recommend this for you! Simple yet tasty

Shiaopeppa spice wings - 42k
It was everyone favorite! Chicken wings topped with salt and pepper flakes. Easily won everybody's heart.

So basically I had quite a good time. It was something new to have a fusion of Japanese and Chinese restaurant in the mal like Little Ming. Taste was fine and price was enjoyable, moreover it was supported by good ambiance, a perfect place to enjoy a good vibe with friends. Haven't try it yet? Go try it real soon!

Little Ming
Senayan City Mal 3rd floor (next to Ming Village)
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, South Jakarta

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