Thursday, March 3, 2016


It's a loong time ago since my last post (I know, forgive me!) but I was having my biggest and last exam to be a general practitioner, so wish me luck! Result gonna be out in a month *crossing finger!

So here comes St. Ali! One of the newest brunch place from Melbourne, opened its door in Setiabudi One building! Located in the heart of Kuningan, easily reached, surely it was a good place to have brunch in Australian way.  

Open air with breeze accompanied my brunch that day. It was quite a pack morning, I guess because they just opened in 2 weeks. Most people tried to discover something new!

Latte art by St. Ali. The one with koi latte art was once the winner on international latte art competition, by the one and only Ben Marrow. I liked their coffee, even though I am not an expert in coffee, I could say that theirs was enjoyable, right consistency.

St. Ali chicken burger -135k
Southern kentucky buttermilk fried chicken, with fillings of house picklet, iceberg lettuce, BBQ sauce and french fries. Presentation was good, portion was generous. The bun was soft, the buttermilk was juicy and quite thick, yet tender. The other fillings added some kind of festive to my palate. 

Koo Koo Ca Choo - 150k
Very beautiful in presentation. Crispy potato hash with mushroom, poached egg, shaved permesan, chlorophyll, and truffle vinagrette. It was my favorite among all of their menu! Hashbrown was crunchy and well seasoned, poached egg was perfectly fine, sauteed mushroom was tasty! Everything was tasty and contributing richness in the plate. 

Selections of brunch menus
My mexican cousin -150k
Their secret recipe of corn fritters, poached egg, which was perfect, cucumber salsa, corn, and salad to add some freshness on the plate. It was a classic Australian brunch menu, came it pretty way. I found it was quite generous, but still jinda pricey for a plate of it. Well, breakfast in elegance was quite expensive, right?

Omega love -120k
Healthy dishes could come in pretty way, too! This omega love, consisted of smoked salmon with new season potato, red onion, green beans, tarragon dressing, and soft pouched egg. Everything was fresh and surely healthy!

Well I was a big fan of brunch! And having this was easily pleasing my heart. I found the price was quite high, but they did not charge any more taxes for this. I would really come back for their goodness!

St. Ali
Setiabudi two, Ground floor
Jl. Rasuna said, kav 62, Setiabudi, Jakarta

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