Monday, March 21, 2016


I really like it when a restaurant is being innovative to market their product. I know Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) is one of them who keep up the innovation and creation alive. So I am more excited to try this one!

Thing about PHD itself, they are the first thing pop up in my mind when it come to order pizza at home or during the night shift at hospital. The taste is undoubtedly satisfying with wide selections of menu. One of the most important thing is, they are coming on time. 

The creation is kind of specific this time. Dedicated to one of the most well-known menu in PHD, which is MEAT LOVERS PIZZA! Meat lover pizza is the one I always order whenever come to PHD, tasty, flavorful, meaty, and very satisfying in portion! Anyway, this time they are having 3 new sauces for the pizza : 
Honey BBQ : sauce with sweet BBQ fragrance
Cheesy Mayo : sauce with twist of cheese and tasty mayonnaise
Spicy Tomato : fresh tomato sauce with a hint of chilly flavor

Yes the sauce is for the base of the pizza! The sauce is not sold separately. Wondering how good they taste.

The process of making pizza

I love the cheesy mayonnaise sauce! The cheese is quite dominating. It's definitely my favorite because they just really mix well with all the toppings of the pizza. Well, who can resist twist of cheese and mayonnaise?

Spicy tomato sauce can be your choice if you're a big fan of tomato sauce. The sour taste is quite strong with a hint of spicy aftertaste. 

Honey BBQ is somehow kind of sweet kind of sauce with fragrant BBQ for your pizza. This can be your favorite if you are fond of sweet sauce.

Apart from the new sauces, they also release new crust which is sausage pastry crust. Imagine you're having this flavorful sausage at the end of your pizza bite! More over they are wrapped with puff pastry and parmesan cheese on the top of it. I personally love it! The buttery taste on the pastry is real good! I am such a big fan of pastry crust! And the permesan cheese? MAJOR LOVE!

And the good news is, you can have this sausage pastry crust for all pizza topping, in regular or jumbo sauce. Yeay to us!

Regular Meatlovers without any crust : 75k
Regular Meatlovers with pastry crust : 95k

Jumbo Meatlovers original crust : 115k
Jumbo Meatlovers sausage pastry crust : 145k

The party I had earlier with my friends. Such a great time with friends with PHD!
PS: you can order it via phone/website.

Overall I do loooove this new menu. Order it, just wait for 30 minutes, and you're ready to have it!

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