Tuesday, March 22, 2016


CHIR-CHIR is now serving in Indonesia!
Korean Fried Chicken is something big in Korean itself, and some countries such as Singapore. I've heard that Chir-Chir is quite a big hit in Singapore. I've read some reviews about Chir-Chir in Singapore and drooling at some of their menus. They got good reviews for it too! So let's see how good it is in Jakarta!

Appetizer for the day : CHEESE FRIES - 69k
All of their portion is big, even the appetizer! Fries is nice, melted cheese is quite generous and yummy. The fries is served with some kind of creamy sauce which is quite good. Well, cheese and fries is a combination people can not resist, right?

This one is really good! Boneless chicken cooked with sweet and spicy sauce which is very flavorful, served with tteobokki and sweet potato. Not to mention the cheesy mayonnaise sauce which is also good! Well my opinion might be subjective because I personally LOVE the sweet and spicy sauce. Some of my friends said it was too sweet for them, but still, I enjoy this one A LOT!

A unique innovation of theirs! Boneless chicken served with lotsa spring onion and garlic of the hot pan. Chicken is juicy and quite thick. I personally do not eat the spring onion, but the garlic is really boosting the flavor. It is good, but I prefer not to have the boneless one.

This one is also my favorite! Finger licking good fried chicken, very flavorful, and topped with lotsa garlic on it. Chicken is crunchy and well seasoned. This kind of fried chicken is something that everyone gonna love. I will recommend this to people if they are asking what to try in Chir-Chir!

Overall I really have a good time a Chir-Chir Indonesia. Tasty food with big portion that are meant to be shared with good friends. Gonna come back for sure!

PS: some of the photos are taken from The Hungry Doctor. Thanks!

Ruko Garden House B20
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

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Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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