Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beatrice Quarters : the lovely Beatrice

"A house in not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body." 
No, it doesn't have a fireplace, and it was not big, but the little home ambiance was quite comforting.
I've spent many afternoons in the sunny PIK. Afternoon lectures, meetings, and study group schedules forced me to try those food places. Among those restaurants Beatrice Quarters is one of my relishes. They offer affordable meal with wide varieties.

BQ was divided into indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor area is a bit hot so I sat inside.

The menu.

I ordered strawberry hot tea in pot. The pot reminds me of Mrs. Teapot and her sons. It's a chic pot paired with lovely cups. They also served the complimentary cookies and cheese stick. I think the cookies were homemade, it was an enjoyable one, anyway.

Hey there, Mr. bear!

Orange paired with passionfruit? It was perfect for escort me through the hot day. It was beautify with those yummy jelly and fresh fruits.

Chicken garlic spaghetti, with extra chilly was an opening of my dish. It was a bit bland at first, and turned into a tolerable one after a pinch of salt and pepper.


My favorite one! Laura toast varied in 5 toppings : mushroom, chicken, beef, meat lover, and salmon. Mine was mushroom. Apparently it was a bread toasted with tomatoes, seaweed, our choice of topping, and covered with cheese. The mushroom was a bit sweet. and it was a cheesy one!

Basically it was a plate of carbonara fettuccine with big strips of chicken katsu on it. They offered chicken and beef for the topping. Quite good.

 I've never had this kind of pizza before. So I think the pizza is their specialty. It was made of rice and the had choices for Japanese sauce or Italian sauce for the pizza. The small one was my choice  with salmon and Italian sauce on it. I love the stickiness of the rice but I could barely taste the Italian sauce.

It's Beatrice! :D

It was quite a good lunch though. They offered the affordable price, but the food was not the highlight. Well the toast might be, since I love toast bread, especially with lotsa cheese on it! 

Beatrice Quarters
Jl. Marina Rukan Crown Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk No. 26 PIK

081310118988, (021) 91270937

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