Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good for Eats (G48) : the brunch you've been looking for

Brunch : a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

Exploring Jakarta for the satisfaction of brunch is not easy. Many of them are trying to offer the luxury of it, but lacking of quality of taste. Some are overpriced. Even sometimes they just mixed it randomly without knowing the original one.

The cook shop held this pop up brunch called Good for Eats (G48) at weekend on the first and the third week. Reservation is needed, especially in Sunday, which is happen to be a crowded one. Managed by 2 passionate young chefs, they try to indulge your tongue with their creation. 

Choices of menu from western (65k) to asian invasion (60k).

Turkish delight. 2 poached eggs, lamb marquez, crumbled feta, spicy tomatoes, fried garbanzos, cucumber salad, yogurt, and served with toast bread. Yes, it's all in one plate. Each of it contributes its own taste into a plate of decent meal.

Ribs umami. Pieces of short ribs, fried eggplant, shitake mushroom, and poached egg on the top of warm rice served with their special sauce. The ribs was tender, the sauce was a combination of sweet and savory. I couldn't say no.

Classic benediction. A plate of beautifully cook poached egg, smoked salmon, corn fritters, guacamole, with hollandaise sauce and salad. The bread itself is quite salty. The corn fritters was salty and crunchy. tasted like a well seasoned one.

Pork belly umami. A bowl of warm rice with egg, pork belly, apple cabbage slaw, onion ring, and creamy corns served with special sauce. I personally liked the ribs one better than this one. The sauce was a bit salty compared with the ribs one. The pork belly was tender, but I was hoping for a mixture of tender pork and crunchy skin.

Twinings camomile tea. Anyway, the mineral water was for free and refillable.

 Comfortable food and good place. G48 satisfied the needs of my brunch today. Definitely will come back to try their other creation. I am recommending it to you!

Good for Eats (G48)
The Cook Shop JAPFA
jl. Hang Lekir 1 no 15
Jakarta Selatan
021 7396530

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