Monday, April 1, 2013

La Creperie : Britanny afternoon

The long weekend consoled me with its vacancy and those old friends offered to catch up. Got myself in to the rendezvous, we arranged for an afternoon chit chat at PIK. With so many restaurants and cafes around, I  chose Le Creperie, a Brittany crepes which was newly opened few weeks ago.

Crepe is a very thin pancake made of wheat flour. It was originally came from Brittany, a region in France and apparently became a national dish in France. Crepe are usually in two types : the sweet one and the savory galettes.

It was a well decorated cafes, with boxes and anchor for the sailor theme. I feel like having an afternoon in a yacht, with a view of clear sea in its surrounding.

I personally liked the presentation of the menu.

We got ourselves a few choice of sweet crepes and galettes.

Cannes. A combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and ice cream on top. It was an ordinary kind of dessert, the one you could find in a random cafe. 

Another sweet crepes with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, pear, a pinch of the whipped cream to beautify it.

 A pretty presentation of my friend's galette.

 And mine was sweet crepe with stewed apple and caramel on the top of it. No, it was not one of my favorite caramelized dessert. It was a weird combination of sweet and bitter, a failure to my tongue.

 A spacious area, a well decorated room, it was a beautiful spot to visit, but the crepe itself didn't leave any good records to me. I want something more, not just a selection of sweet sauces and canned fruits on it.

La Crêperie
Ruko Crown Golf
Pantai Indah Kapuk

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