Thursday, April 25, 2013

Commune 25 : the comfort inside.

Comfy sofas, paintings on the wall, cozy ambiance.
Those words were describing this restaurants. Located at the busy Senopati street, Commune  shared the first floor of the building with furniture showroom.
It was a Tuesday afternoon, traffic was fine, we got there on time, and they were still empty when we came in. I was hoping for an enjoyable lunch.

Combination of the furniture and paintings. a really creative one.

Carbonara was a basic kind of pasta every restaurant should have, and they said it was one of their favorite one. I chewed my first bite, and it was not something that I expected. I was looking forward to a plate of al dente spaghetti, turned out it was hard to chew.

Beautiful presentation of Dory Loronge. It was crunchy dory fillet with sweet and sour sauce, served with fresh salad. The dory was fine, but a thicker fillet would be better.

The winner of the day : Meatball sub. A submarine sandwich topped with meatballs, special sauce, and mozarella cheese. The sauce was tasted like bolognaise sauce, and the meatballs was yummy and tender. It was a big one though. Sharing this one was recommended because the sauce was quite heavy.

Anza pizza. Another recommendation from the menu. 12 slices of the pizza was worth the price. But I preferred quality rather than quantity. It was a bit bland, a bit disappointing.

Offering the good ambiance was not enough to make you come back. The place was really nice, and slight gossips would be perfect for the comfort in it. But those things coincided with great foods would be much much better.

Commune Cafe and Bistro
jl. Suryo no 25, Senopati
Jakarta Selatan

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