Monday, April 29, 2013

A reprimand

I was born as a Christian. It was one of the biggest gift, because I feel like I was living in it without any compulsion. I used to hate it when I had to share my Sunday morning between movies and church, although the church has always been the winner. Then it became a habit, and at one point I felt like it was a must. Now, my very own awareness asked me to it. Sunday is not complete without those church services. Cliche? 

On my journey in my Christianity life, there were ups and downs. There were days, when I felt like He is always listening, providing, and answering. But sometimes, things did not go the way you wanted to be. It was not easy to keep in faith when the world turned you down. In those days, I blamed God, and those were not my best days. Sometimes I walked away too far, and as a caring Father, a reprimand was given.

It was 2 days ago, I was sleeping, woke up and saw the clock showed 5 am. Too early to start the day, I was intended to go back to sleep. I think I was half asleep when I heard a noisy voice. Scary voice of cracking road, when the earth started to fall apart. The world was ending, and the rapture began.

It was scary to watch those people around me were lifted to the sky. Well, not everyone. Some of us were upraised. I was afraid that I won't be one of those chosen people. Those people who did goodness in their life, the good people. And then, I was lifted. Well, half lifted.

The scene was changed, I was floating, surrounded by clouds and blue sky. I heard a voice, and I knew it was Him. It was soft and firm, and a question stabbed me,

"what have you been doing recently?"

A simple yet sharp, the reprimand was making me cry. Yes, I don't know what I have been doing. I skipped youth services, I cut my night prayer, I.., just started to stop in Him.

But He noticed my absence, reckoned to take care about it, and kept me close to Him.

I was proud, I am proud, and will always be proud, having a God who takes care His every single child, gives reprimand, and accepts us when we're about to come back.

He cares.

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