Friday, July 12, 2013

Pempek 123 Lampung : where everything was tasteful.

Been wandering in Bandar Lampung in 5 days and there is one thing I keep looking for.
Paid a visit to Pempek 88 (click here for review) few days ago and it was not enough for me. I was craving for another one.

Pempek 123 has always been my favorite since their first small stall in Teluk Betung. They were expanding much and opened their second stall in Pahoman area. The second one was more spacious and bright.

A bowl of warm Tekwan (15k). It was made of small cuts of fish and sago, served with savory broth. I was not a fan of Tekwan but this one was quite good. The soup was great though. A good companion in rainy days.

Choices of saus cuka (vinegar sauce). Dark sauce with combination of sweet, sour, and spicy. The white bottle was dominated by sweet flavor, recommended to children. The yellow one was the medium one. The transparent one with white cap was the most scathing. Picked the last one for sure!

Mixed pempek (4k each). Big chunks of them! It was very tasty and I could feel the fish was dominating. A tasteful one indeed. 
Too bad I could not find pempek kulit (pempek made of fish skin) that day, they were running out of it. I found pempek kulit was very rich in flavor, it surely was my favorite!

Pempek lenggang (16k). It was something I kept looking for every time I paid a visit to any pempek stall. Omelette made of cuts of pempek, served with cucumber and rice vermicelli. It was really tasty! The mixture of everything was just right. 

Their famous red bean ice (10k). A bowl of sweetened red bean with lotsa chocolate milk. I liked the sticky red bean, although it was too sweet for me. A great companion with spicy vinegar soup.
It could really freshened up your sunny day!

Choices of fish crackers and chips. They could be your stop to buy some food souvenirs, too!

I found everything was really yummy and tasteful. My favorite pempek stall so far. Some people said the other one was better. Well, people have their own delight!

Pempek 123

Jl.Ikan Belanak 15 
Teluk Betung

Jl. Jend Sudirman no 15
Tanjung Karang

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