Monday, July 8, 2013

Pempek 88 Lampung : the best one, they said.

Been staying at home curing the homesick thingy for few days and out for culinary trip at last.
Comfort food, affordable, humble and authentic.

I've been living in Jakarta since high school and went to Lampung on some occasions. Still, their food is the thing I miss the most. (well, after my family of course)

So there is a street full of Pempek stall called Kupang street. Dominated by number-titled Pempek stall, the locals know what's best, Pempek 88 it is. Some people said theirs has been the best one since it is made of Belida fish. While some of pempek in Lampung is made of Tenggiri fish.

The place was very simple. Few tables with plastic chairs with noisy street sound. However it was never empty. Many people came to pick up the order too.


One of their specialty, grilled pempek. (Looks like a macaron, in my opinion) It was grilled and filled with dried shrimp and cabai rawit inside. The texture was quite chewy.

Combination of lenjer, telor (egg filled), and kates (dried papaya filled). My favorite one was the dried papaya filled, the filling itself was giving the unique flavor.
 (4.5k each)

Pempek lenggang (15k). Big chunks of pempek fried with egg, served with noddles, beehoon, dried shrimp and cuts of cucumber. It was very good!

One of people's favorite here was tekwan. But I did not give it a try. Basically it was similar to pempek without the frying process, it was served with savory soup.
The stall sold many kinds of crackers. Most of them are good. The combination of the crackers and the vinegar sauce was tasteful!

Do visit Pempek 88 if you happen to be in Lampung, it's one of the best!

Pempek 88
Jl. Kupang
0721 487471

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