Friday, July 19, 2013

Wilshire : One of those loveliness

Jakarta has a lot of pretty places.
No, it's not a pretty one like you can drool around the green grass under the prefect blue sky, it's not even close.
Jakarta has those kind of pretty restaurants.

You should be familiar with those pretty things with sumptuous ambiance. Wilshire is one of them. It is actually an area in LA of the wealthy and middle class neighborhood. And the restaurant is describing it well.

It was plush and modern. With those pretty decorations and ornaments, Wilshire succeed to impress me. I adored their comfy yet lavish atmosphere. The large glass window was contributing to their elegancy, too. A reminder to one of the famous restaurant in Jakarta.

Cotton Candy Cosmo (89k). A recommendation from the waiter. Basically it was a glass of Cosmopolitan served with cotton candy on top. Poured the vodka and it did melt!

Sauteed Escargot (82k). A well-cooked escargot with grilled mushroom at the bottom. It was rich and flavorful. The mushroom contributed the juiciness on it. What an appetizer!

Thin Beef Tongue with Rice (130k). A plate of sliced beef with sweet sauce served with broccoli, grilled corn and soft-boiled egg. It was good, but it was not great. The beef was just fine, I thought I would get a really tender one. The sauce was tasty, a rescuer to the dish!

Jumbo Fish and Chips (120k). It was a kind of fish and chips I could find easily everywhere. It was too ordinary. The fish, chips, and the dipping sauce was just fine. One bite and I did not crave for more.

Braised Pork Belly (136k), served with rice, grilled corn, soft-boiled egg and broccoli. The sauce was quite similar to the one they served with beef tongue. The pork belly was quite tender. I mixed it with the egg, turned out it was good!

It was plush and pretty. But it was not enough. It just one of those lovely places.

The Foundry no.8
Jl. Jend Sudriman kav 52-53
021 51401018


  1. now.. that was quite a price for not so memorable dish like what you wrote. But, the place is definitely something to bragged about.. i guess :)

    ps : i love your writings!

    1. yap, it was an avarage in the taste but excellent pretty place. a friend of mine recommend the durian souffle, though! let me know your opinion when you give it a try. thanks for dropping by! ;)