Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mie Meymey Lampung : old-fashioned yet appetizing.

The old-fashioned noodle stall.
Outmoded cutlery.
Obsolete tables and chairs.
But still, people keep coming back.

Located in a busy street of Katamso, Mie Meymey (Meymey noodle) was quite hard to find. I did not see any signs, just relied on my childhood memory. It was a small noodle stall with 9 tables inside. Crowded as usual, I was lucky enough to be seated right away.

 It was a quick service. One minute and my breakfast was ready. A bowl of noodle with minced chicken and vegetables on top (17k). The meatballs was a good complement to be eaten with.


The noodle was soft. A good one while I used to find chewy noodles at Jakarta. The minced chicken was fragrant and appetizing. The flavor was just right.

 Mie Meymey was famous with their meatballs (1.2k each) . I could see it was something I could find on every table. The texture was fine but I found the soup need a touch of soy sauce and pepper to make it better.

It was a pleasant breakfast. I was enjoying every bite of it. I guess I know what do those people look for. Surely one of my fave!

Mie Meymey
Jl. Katamso
(near Simpur Center)

PS: dedicated to my beloved Vinella, this one is her own delight; and Clarissa Zhang, a noodle-enthusiast.

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