Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Koultoura Coffee : my kind of brunch ( and coffee)

A cup of chocolate milk, comfy room, and thick blanket.
I could really imagine myself drooling on my possessive bed in a rainy Saturday.
A major boost was needed to make me pushed away my laziness.
Like a plate of good brunch would do.

Introducing Koultoura Coffee. This one is surely a new hype in West Jakarta!

Pretty glasses of theirs. I was hoping to sip from this one. Turned out they were serving with paper cup.

It was crowded outside and the rain did not make it any better. Luckily I could manage to find a comfort corner upstairs.
Spacious and comfy with huge window. It was beautiful when the sunlight meddle the room.
Soothing white walls with paintings on it. Quite an icon, aren't they?

The brunch menu was quite tempting. I remembered taking some time to decide.
Foxie's hangover cure(45k) was one of their favorite. Basically it was a well cooked potato-corned beef with egg. It was surprisingly good! I did wonder how such a simple dish could have a decent taste. The flavor was just right.

I am a fan of french toast. It was not a brunch without a palatable french toast in it. Black and yellow toast (35k) caught my eyes. The combination of oreo and corn flake toast was pleasant with pinch of sugar and a bit honey on top. It was sweet and joyful. 

The Croque madam (45k) was really tempting, served with potato wedges. Toasted bread, melted cheese, poached egg, and slice of ham. An imagination of how those flavors combine is filling my mind right now!

Hot green tea latte (29k) was such a companion in this rainy day. It was bold and thick. Everything I could ask from a good green tea latte.

Cold green tea latte (29k) with ice cream (10k). Pretty good, although it was a bit watery.

bon Appetit!

Cozy sofas, good food, great cups. It was nice to have a pleasant atmosphere in West Jakarta. Would be back to get another cup of coffee!

Koultoura Coffee
Taman Ratu Indah blok AA2 no. 33
Jakarta Barat
021 29520310


  1. Wow.... You're so much better than me... I think i have to learn a lot from you... What a beautiful blog Jessica...

    BTW, I really want to go to Koultura, thanks for your mouth drooling review!

    1. hi thanks for dropping by! still learning a lot too! btw try the mocca latte and green tea latte. it was very nice! ;)

  2. Nice shots, I just wish they could be bigger :). Salam kenal.

    1. hi thanks for dropping by!
      still learning a lot to have those great shots like yours, thanks for the advice!
      nice to know you ;)

  3. Kalau mau take foto atau video di Koultura Coffee harus bayar ya?