Monday, September 2, 2013

Bistro Garcon : Dessert gateaway

French is identical with their pretty food. Their passion in cooking was reflected in those variety of food. I found myself hard to find an accessible French restaurant, since most of them is located in Jakarta's hectic area. Thank God Bistro Garcon is located in Plaza Senayan!

It was catchy and spacious, they offered a pinch of modern atmosphere to stand out among those luxury restaurants. It was something that could make you sit for hours. 

Dori Fish (120k) was something I finally ended up with. The fish was very tender with a glimpse of sour flavor. I had to say the sourness was not something I expected from the meal. The crumbs on the top of the fish was not a match. The fish was served with sauteed vegetable, which was nice, and something like mashed potato, only it was rougher. I could not say it was my favorite, but it was still tolerable.

Rocher Monaco (38k). Garcon was quite famous with the beauty of their dessert. I found myself easily fascinated with those rows of French pastry. I was expecting for a-crunchy-but-not-so-crunchy-kind of crust, just the way it should be, right? Unfortunately it was a turn off, the crust was hard to cut. The chocolate was just fine, with the consistency like a mousse. 

The winner of the day. Eclair Caramel (30k). It was a pleasant feeling that finally I could taste something decent. Everything was perfect. The crust, the gooey texture of the filling, the beauty on the eye. It had all the sweetness that caramel could offer!
PS: They had green tea and cream cheese eclair, too. And some said it was amazing as well!

The dessert was such a winner, with those varieties they offered, I could really back for another pretty afternoon (with dessert)!

Bistro Garcon
Plaza Senayan level 4 no. 410

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  1. Bistro garcon ini memang sangat digemari oleh sebagian masyarakat, saya juga sudah baca2 informasinya disini . Eclair Caramel saya juga suka itu :) .