Monday, November 25, 2013

Torta Dolce Cake : sweetness overload!

I remembered the excitement when I did receive the invitation for Torta Dolce Cake and Next Digital. It was one fine day and I was spilling some words to my blog. An email came through and turned out it was a high tea invitation. I was so keen about it! I could imagine those beautiful fresh pastries with colorful cakes around. Such a joy just to think about it.

 Apparently they are an online French Patisserie which established in 2011, very well-grounded in this area. The owner used to serve these beautiful cakes to hotels, and they do want to start something new on their own. Inspiring much?

Too bad I was late for the previous session due to the pretty traffic jam in Jakarta. It was Saturday and it took me almost 2 hours to reach the place (I know it was crazy, right!). All that I could do was crossing finger, hoping that I wouldn't stuck that long. They were ready to try the food by the time I reached the place. Well it was really worth the wait! Those pretty colors on the tables was such an pleasure, such a diversion to the tired mind!

Set of high tea. Red green and yellow are prettify the plates!

I feel like the fruit tarts are calling me while I wrote this. Kiwi, strawberry, and peach on the top of sweet scented mini tart are surely my faves!

Drolling much?

Choices of pretty good ol' chocolate cake. Sugar rush!

Beautifully tempting. This kind of dessert is light and fresh with a hint of mango.

The main reason to be here : The Croido.
Torta Dolce Cake is ready to spread their wings. They keep innovating and surely this step showed us that they are joining the cronut craze! They have 11 flavors for the croido with various (pretty) toppings.

The making of the croido. They surely gave the generous fillings in it!

The croido had its crunchy layer outside with quite good texture inside. I wish it could be fluffier though!
The original one was very humble with its cream filling. And the filling was good, too! The cinnamon one was easily enjoyable with the sweet scent of the cinnamon. The popcorn caramel one, which was my favorite, was very rich. The combination of the fillings, the layered texture, and caramelized popcorn on top was such an enjoyment. The maple cheese one tasted unique. Sweetness from the maple syrup while dancing with the generous cheese was quite a surprise.

Fave croido so far. Pretty as well.

The surprise haven't finished yet. The owner, Mr Harry and Mrs Fanny was such a sweetheart. They generously gave us the hamper to be brought home. A big hamper containing 2 cookies, 3 cupcakes, and 1 loaf of raisin bread. The cupcakes were decent with moist cake, the cookies were easily lovable, and the raisin bread was my such a joy. Have it for your Christmas present, people! Mr Harry as the president director of PT. Anggana Catur Prime also gave us a package of their product, including the widely known Dua Belibis chilly sauce and Koepoe-Koepoe kitchen ingredients. Gonna have some activities in the kitchen for sure!

Overall it was such a sweet, sweet afternoon with those pretty cakes and awesome fellow blogger. Not to mention the friendly owner and pleasant people from Next Indonesia. Thanks for having me!

Torta Dolce Cake

Jl. Pluit Raya blok C no 20-21
Jakarta Utara 14440
(021) 6681919

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