Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fook Yew : An eccentric Chinese

Chinese food. One of the biggest diversity in food industry. You could find the kind of grandma's old recipe on it, or the one that has been deconstructed into a modern one. Nowadays Chinese restaurant is easily discovered in shopping malls, while in old days those restaurants was spotted in certain area of Jakarta.

Colorful and bold. Eccentric. Bold. Those words are perfect descriptions for this modern Chinese restaurant. The old-fashioned table is really something, it was like spotting the obsolete thing among the modernity. The name itself is really ear-catching. Fook yew. Everyone could easily remember it in a second.

Pretty red cages. So Chinese, huh?

Crispy egg corn (36k)
An invention for a plate of easy bite! Basically it was a bowl of rice crispy cooked with salted egg-corn.The combination of  crunchiness was really enjoyable. But somehow I found it hard to eat those tiny bites with chopstick. I demand for more salted egg-corn on it!

4 Flavor dumpling (20k)
4 pieces of wonton-like with the vinegar sauce The filling was different for each color. The green one was filled with chicken and chives. The purple one was chicken and beef. The chicken and shrimp was in the orange one. Too bad I could not recall the white one (It was chicken with something). The taste was okay, but I could not really tell the difference among thos fillings.

Chasiu chicken bao (20k)
A plate of goodness! Fluffy bao with tasty chicken chasiu inside was beyond my expectation. The pinch of sweetness on the top of the bao was adding the delicious taste. I could really eat it everyday as my breakfast, or the companion for my afternoon tea. It was love at the first bite.

My most favorite of all : Shanghai honey toast (30k)
It was like having all my favorites on a plate. Fried bread, honey, egg, and peanut butter. Yes, their version of honey toast was with peanut butter inside, interesting, isn't it? 3 generous big slices of eggy-fried-bread with thick peanut butter inside and showered with honey. Not to mention the pinch of butter on top! The taste was really overwhelming. It was tasted paradise when the peanut butter and honey melted in your mouth. (I am such a peanut butter freak!)

The place was easily caught my attention. The creation of the modern Chinese food was such an stride innovation. Gonna back for sure!

Fook Yew
Gandaria City Mall
Main street, Ground Floor
 Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzani No.8 Kebayoran Lama.
(021) 29007897

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