Thursday, November 21, 2013

Honey Bean and Tong Fu : dessert on bowl

Pantai Indah Kapuk is surely one of the easy destination for those hungry people. It is spacious, reachable, and offer lots of choice for food. The only setback is the hot air around. The sun is like burning, heating up the skin. A bowl of cold dessert with shaved ice seems nice in this kind of tropical scene. Lucky to us, these two newbies are here to offer the needs!

Tong Fu

A fruit-dessert on a bowl. This is surely the kind of dessert for those who love fruits, a lot! Their soup is made of fruity shaved ice which is dominated by sourness. They have many selections for the soup base, like watermelon, dragon fruit, and mango. I ordered the one with mango.

A bowl of mango shaved ice with cuts of fresh mango and popping boba on top. The mango was a bit sour, just the way I liked it. The popping bobba was kinda surprise. I did expected something more on my bowl. It was actually big and satisfying with its portion. But most of my bowl was dominated by the mango-flavored-shaved-ice. Pricey for a bowl of 40ish.

Nutella almond waffle (20ish)
A small plate of waffle with hazelnut chocolate sauce on top and sprinkle of almonds. It was a bit crunchy instead of crunchy-outside-fluffy-inside-kind-of-waffle, the way a good waffle should taste like.

Potato pompom (forgot the exact name)
An easy bite recommended by the waitress. Tasted okay, seasoned right. Reminded me to Mcd hash brown.

Honey Bean

They are the newest addition to the boisterousness at PIK. A competitor to the famous oriental dessert around. (Well, you know who). Honey bean is located exactly next to Tong Fu. Stepped inside, and the sweet scent is dominating the whole room, an enjoyment for a sweet tooth like me.

Left : Passion Pudding (38k)
A bowl of grass jelly,coconut pudding, and mixed fruits.

Right : Lovely Jelly Crushed Ice (38k)
A bowl of grass jelly, egg pudding, mix ball, pearl, and matcha ice cream.

I loved everything on the bowl. The coconut pudding was surely the highlight it. It was fluffy and tasted really good. The coconut scent was wafted, too! The grass jelly was good and soft. The pearl is chewy and sweet. The taro ball is decent. The egg pudding is softly sweet. Tell me how to say no for all these treats.

Mango Land Fruits (48k)
A bowl of mango, pearl, coconut jelly, mango pudding, and popping boba.

It was like having all the freshness on top with sweetness of the soup on the bottom. The mango pudding tasted nice and the popping boba was such a pleasant surprise in mouth. 5 cuts of fresh mango was such a balance to all the sweetness offered. Love love love!

Strawberry Milk Ice (59k)
A huge bowl of strawberry milk crushed ice with longan, strawberry, coconut jelly, and popping boba.

Came in a family pack, it was really big! Actually it was tasted like having shaved ice with syrup poured on top with all the complements around it. The shaved ice was really soft, such an enjoyment to be eaten with those fruits.

Anyway, Honey Bean are having an opening promo : buy 1 get 1 until 20 Nov 2013. Go get them!

Tong Fu
Rukan Garden House blok b25 PIK
021 29033265

Honey Bean
Rukan Garden House blok b23 PIK
021 29033623

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  1. Kesel banget sama Tong Fu… gara2nya beli voucher di livingsocial trs ga sadar cuma valid 1 bulan. Kita telat 2 hari doank. Kt livingsocial sih tergantung pihak merchant. Ya udah donk bujuk2 pihak Tong Fu, mulai dr tlp sampe facebook. Tapi tetep mereka menolak. Setahu saya Tong Fu selalu sepi, saya udah hampir 7 tahun tinggal di PIK, jadi dari ruko2 PIK belum ada yg buka sampe sumpek kyk sekarang saya selalu amati tuh tiap restoran baru2 yg nongol dan cobain satu2. Tiap mau coba Tong Fu selalu gak jadi karena lihat sepi amat nih restoran. Udah sepi, seharusnya mereka lebih terbuka dan fleksibel biar dr mulut ke mulut jadi rame deh… feeling sih mereka gitu krn kyknya mau tutup (karena banyak banget restoran di PIK yg tutup krn harga sewanya yg selangit) jadinya sikap mereka segitu sombongnya. Biarin lah disuain deh 79ribu duit voucher, anggep aja buang sial. Buat Tong Fu, good luck ya…