Thursday, November 28, 2013

Frangipani Cafe : tiny pleasure

Small can do great things. Big things.
Well this one applied to this teeny tiny cafe around South Jakarta, considering the little corner they had to serve those hungry people. It was not huge, but famous enough to be filled by the loyal customer. Turned out it was a spa a first, until the idea of making this cafe popped up. The humble ambiance, warm decoration, and comfort meal are surely all the highlight they have to offer.

Corner with lotsa frames. Caught my attention. Mostly they are photos of the owner, the famous Rianti C.

Menu on the wall. Bites and desserts are their mains.

The dessert seems to be the highlight, the crumble pie to be specific. They had cherry crumble,pie crumble, and others kind of cake like crispy white chocolate to satisfy the sweet tooth. Unfortunately, that day they only had the cherry crumble in store. This pretty cherry crumble laid on the every single table.

A slice of cherry crumble (28k) served with whipped-cream.
The texture was great, the fillings was rich with a pinch of sourness along with the sweetness. The crumble on top was there to make it perfect. I was not fan of the cream, but the cream gave its own uniqueness on it. I would go without the cream, though. Vanilla ice cream as a substitute, maybe? 

Such a sweet, sweet evening. The pie was great, the chitchat was awesome. This place was surely something! Quality over the quantity!

Frangipani Cafe
Jl. Cikajang no. 63
South Jakarta

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