Monday, October 17, 2016


There are days I am craving for humble Indonesian food, there is another day I do crave for fancy Japanese dishes. I do have some favorites of Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, most of them is the authentic one. I do not really into those fusion sushi with lotsa mayonnaise and toppings, I am just happy with fresh sushi, good Japanese rice, and tasty Japanese grill.

Finding Kazoku Tei is quite surprising for me, since I do not have any expectation on discover one Japanese restaurant here in Sukabumi city. I heard some local reviews, which was a recommended one, because Kazoku Tei was the only destination for their Japanese craving. I also asked for my friends from Jakarta, and they said this humble Japanese restaurant was not bad at all.

Kazoku Tei is located on the road heading to Sela Bintana, seated across Balcony Hotel (read my review about Balcony here). It's a humble Japanese food, delivering a good homey ambiance. To my surprise, place is quite spacious with garden area behind the building. I had my visit at night and the atmosphere is comforting enough.

The menu is quite vary, giving me quite a hard time to decide what to order. Omu rice, bento, ramen , udon, sushi roll, they have it all. I have a good feeling this one could be a proper Japanese food.

(with selections of curry or butter rice)

Yes, they have Mozaru, like the one I have in Zenbu, Jakarta. I have chicken mozaru with curry rice, and it is not bad at all. The presentation is appetizing, curry rice is tasty and fragrant, while the chicken and cheese is quite generous. Portion wise, it's fulfilling for me. I have to say this is one proper mozaru, not that kind of any ordinary baked rice.


hey have many selections of  sushi and I picked unagi roll because I was craving for it. Eight pieces of sushi, with unagi/eel, crunch, and cucumber inside. To be honest it is a bit dry, but the filling is quite enhancing the flavors. More teriyaki sauce is needed to make it more flavorful, perhaps?


Having one bowl of warm chicken katsu don is one of my favorite moment, especially when I am so hungry. Japanese donburi is one simple dish that always been a comforting one for me, because in that humble dish, you can really enjoy the goodness of rice with delicious toppings. Kazoku Tei's chicken katsu don is one fulfilling donburi with tasty cuts of chicken katsu, egg, and generous rice. Happy tummy indeed!


Generous portion of chicken teppanyaki come with veggies, tofu, rice, and miso soup. Teppanyaki come in good presentation, drooling enough to make me wanna try a bite. Chicken is flavorful and well seasoned, happy to have this one!

Overall I have a satisfying dinner here. I have to say Kazoku Tei offer one proper Japanese food here in Sukabumi City. Generous portion, nice ambiance, affordable price. I would definitely come back to try another dishes!

Kazoku Tei
Jl. Selabintana no 36, Sukabumi
West Java
(0266) 7162111

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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