Wednesday, October 5, 2016


My second week here, and I did some cafe-hopping already.
One thing I realize about Sukabumi: pretty and cool cafes are located in hotels. I visited two of them and they are unexpectedly pleasing me much. Note to remember since they are located in hotels here, tax and service might be higher than any other cafes. But actually I don't mind as long as the service and food is not disappointing.

So I tried this newly opened hotel called Balcony, located across of Kazoku Tei. They are still new but somehow I have a good feeling that they are going to be nice. Restaurant is located in the first floor, while cafe is on the second floor. I haven't visit their cafe though.

It is one spacious restaurant with natural light dominating the ray in the open room. For me it is a bit hot, although they are located in the mid of upper road heading to Selabintana. But still it is comfortable enough.


One of my favorite from this lunch feast. Chicken is tender, beautifully seasoned. Generous mozarella cheese on top really make it even better and enhance the flavor. The bechamel sauce made it creamier, made me missing one good croque monsieur I had back in Jakarta. I really surprise with the amount of cheese they give, it really please me. Every part of the chicken is 'having' its cheese. They are serving it with fries and salad. 


One highlight dish in Balcony. This one really is a surprise. I do not have any high expectation for the steak here, but they do recommend it and turn out it so tasty. Beef is tender, and the mushroom sauce is really scrumptious. The sauce is rich, palatable, and everything is on point. A big applause for their sirloin!


This one is good, but I have had better. Chicken is tender and seasoned well, too. Cheese is using parmesan and is not as generous as the previous dishes, but still enjoyable. Additional bbq sauce is there on top to enrich the flavor. This is a kind of hearty meal that comforts everyone: the one you're gonna order when you want to play it safe.


Grilled ox tail with honey is something I do not usually order, but I really am craving for Indonesian food and they give a good opinion about this. It is not disappointing at all. Ox tail is quite tender though there are some chunks of fat here and there. They are serving it with the soup which is remind me of homemade soup, quite heart warming and tasty enough.

I also have chocolate lava cake to end my lunch feast here, but to bad my camera is having its hard time (read: error) to take any more pictures. The lava cake is not melting inside, the chocolate filling is more like a gooey one, but the flavor is good! Dense and rich chocolate with vanilla ice cream to complete the sweet ending.

Overall it is one pleasing lunch here at Balcony Hotel. Selection of food is quite varies, while the flavor is mostly yummy and comforting. The open air is such a good match to have your afternoon chitchat with friends or family. Gonna come back for sure!

Jl. Selabintana, Selabatu, Kota Sukabumi
West Java
(0266) 211665

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Jessica Christy Limanjaya
@jechristy @sukabumifoodies


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