Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hello peeps! 
It's my third week in Sukabumi and I feel like starting to living it. Hospital workload could be exhausting sometimes, but good thing that I am still be able to manage it. Can't lie about missing Jakarta food scene much, meeting friends and taking photos, but I guess I have to bear with it. 

So, talking about Sukabumi food scene is quite exciting actually. Cafes are here and there, trying to offer fusion of Asian and Western food the way they like it. But for me, traditional food is the best. Eating those Indonesian food with many spices, kicking flavor, makes me feel to be proud Indonesian. So I am taking you to one of my favorite from traditional Sukabumi food scene: Sekoteng!

Yea, it's one kind of warm dishes that can really warm up your night. You know, Sukabumi can be so cold by having a chilly night sometimes, and nothing better than having one bowl of warm sekoteng. 

Sekoteng is actually one traditional dessert that contains of many sweet condiments: biscuits, mung beans, peanut, kolang kaling, and many more.  I really love how they serve it with choices of ginger and pandan soup. Both of them using condensed milk to make it sweet, the the pandan soup has its more milky consistency. 

Jl,A. Yani, Kebonjati, Kota Sukabumi
Opening hour·5pm-11pm

Located in the street of Ahmand Yani, this one is quite popular here in Sukabumi city. The only drawback is, they only serve sekoteng here, no other food for snacking. For me this one is good, a little bit sweeter than the one I had aligned with them in the same road (sekoteng kota paris). They also served it with condensed milk so we can add as much as we like! Condiments is making it more 'playful' and burst in flavor. Me likey!

Jl. A Yani no 319, Kota Sukabumi (depan salon paradise)
Opening hours: 5pm-11pm

This one, such a feast even from the distance. They are crowded, having some food stalls offering many food and drinks. They have pandan fried banana, which is one of my favorite. Crispy, generous size, and sweet. Fish cake and tahu pletok are tasty and enjoyable, too!  Nasi bakar taste good and quite fulfilling. Sekoteng is not too sweet, just the way I like it. They also have grilled sausage, but I dot give it a try. Everything is good, I feel like having a feast!

Overall I like this traditional dish called sekoteng. My third week, but I have it 3 times already! Gonna explore more about this city, suggestion is welcomed!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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