Friday, October 14, 2016


One thing on my list when I am going back to Jakarta: visiting Beau HQ.
I've read many reviews of Beau and I feel like familiar to the place just by reading at them. I know the natural light must be good. I know that they're having this Kinfolk ambiance. I know what's favorite and what's not. But still, I have to try it myself.

Beau HQ is located in Cikajang area, the 'it' spot at South Jakarta. Its open space is so pretty yet I really feel very welcomed on my first step inside. Everything is so elegant in white, making me consider to make it an inspiration to my future home. Can't decide which one is prettier, inside or outside, because both of them are lovely. 

Loving the shade of green they are using for the outdoor area. Imagine a lovely day with coffee and pastry at Beau. 

Enjoying the view at their big window, accompanied by these pretty baby breath. 

I have my personal favorite if we're talking about coffee shop and their coffee. Beau's iced latte is okay, but not the best  I ever had. The weather is kinda hot that day and this iced latte turns put to be an enjoyable thirst quencher!

Pastry on display. I am in heaven. 

40k each/ 100k for 3
I have pork salami, gravad laks (salmon), and grilled chicken breast on my dark-rye bread. Actually I am not a fan of dark hard bread. I am more to a-fluffy-bread-person, warm fluffy bread to be exact. I personally like their grilled chicken best because of the generous and well seasoned filling. The salmon is quite a feast in my palate, too! While I find the pork bacon is just okay. To be objective, their sourdough get along well with all the toppings, but still it is not my kind of bread. I think they actually have the option to go with their brioche for this open sandwich, but I do not notice it at first and the server do not ask for it too.

Platter for sharing. Beautiful fresh ingredients on top.

Basically it is a portion of their brioche with kaya jam. I am kinda hoping to have this one in more complicated way, because honestly having this is like having my breakfast at my home. I am such a sucker for bread and I have bread almost in every morning. However, the kaya jam is nice, not too generous, while the caramelized nut is really helping to make it merrier. 

Overall Beau is such a pretty place serving high quality pastry. Lovely place, quite palatable food, great ambiance, while the price is kinda high. I tried some of their pastry creation and totally in love with it. Here you can find some menus in more advanced way. Gonna come back to satisfy my pastry craving for sure!

Jl. Cikajang no 29, Senopati
South Jakarta
Opening hours:7am-9pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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