Sunday, October 30, 2016


Japanese Cheesecake is commonly you can correlate with something tasty with delicate dense cheese flavor. Sometimes eating that kind of cheesecake make me guilty, making me want avoid it especially during my healthy-diet time. Good thing is, Fuwa-Fuwa delivers Japanese cheesecake that is so fluffy and airy, like the definition of Fuwa-Fuwa itself: something light and fluffy.

Freshest ingredients, modern baking technique, turning all those things through the magic of Fuwa-Fuwa, creates one good fluffy cheesecake. Yes, they're the first one who bring the fluffy cheesecake to Indonesia. It's like melting yourself in a bunch of cloud, they said. I do understand their concept that with their fluffiness, this kind of cheesecake is really enjoyable even for parents and children. You can really share it with all of your loved ones!

Can't get any cuter. Love love the design of the box: make me can't wait to taste the fluffiness!

I did pay a visit to their first store at Elang Laut, Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Their store do not have a dine in area, just a take-away store so you can enjoy it later. The good aroma of baked cheesecake was dominating the room, giving me this soothing atmosphere and thought that it had to be good! Baked cheesecake was set on displayed, giving us the attraction of this fluffy cheesecake when it was being stamped. They have original/signature, matcha, and chocolate flavors. It was so jiggly I was gonna die!


Anway, it was so crowded on their soft launching day. People really wanted and got curious about the goodness they offer.

A mixture of cookies made of cheese, chocolate, and matcha. The packaging is so cute and I think it's a perfect gift for kids. These different flavors really have their goodness in their own way. The cheese one is so good that melted in your mouth right away after you take a bite, but the chocolate and matcha have stronger flavors. I can't decide which one is my favorite, I just can't stop eating them!

Another good thing is, they have two ways to serve Fuwa-Fuwa cheesecake. On the room temperature, the cake is more eggy and airy. A good choice when you want to have something light and not overwhelming. My personal opinion, the matcha cheesecake has the best flavor when it comes to room temperature condition. The chocolate flavor is not overwhelmingly sweet, dominated by dark chocolate. The cheese flavor has the most eggy flavor
While I find myself want to have something more dense and cheese, I have my Fuwa-fuwa cheesecake chilled on the fridge before I take a bite. Turns out I am a happy kid enjoying one fluffy and dense cheesecake. The cheese flavors is really enhanced when it chilled. I really recommend to enjoy it this way!

They do not use any preservatives. Last for 12 hours in room temperature and 2 days in fridge. Better hurry to dig in your Fuwa-fuwa cheesecake!

Overall I really satisfied with what I got from Fuwa-fuwa. Cute concept. fluffy and airy cheesecake, perfect for all family members in all occasions. By typing this I am drooling myself right now and can't wait to give myself a treat of their cheesecake. Anyway, they're gonna open at Central Park Mal, soon! Best of luck for you, Fuwa-Fuwa!

Elang Laut Boulevard blok C no 36, Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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