Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mama Goose : casual and pretty

The sun is striking, I could feel the hot air around.
I stepped in, and thanked God, it felt like stepping into a whole different world.
Beautifully design, Mama Goose was offering a casual restaurant with cozy ambiance.
Something that everyone would easily fell for.

Thought it would be an Italian lunch, turned out there was a Pop-up Brunch on the day I came. The menu greeted warmly, consisted of some brunch menus and few lunch menus.

Iced tea (15k).
Surprised with the sweet basil and lychee inside, they claimed it was their kind of iced tea. Sweet and refreshing!

Croque Mama G (65k).
Not the usual croque madam I used to enjoy, this one had those slices of ox tongue inside and fried egg on top. The salad was surely contributed the balance on the plate (the ox tongue was quite generous!) The bread itself was enjoyable, but I found the ox tongue was a bit chewy. The seasoning was good, though, I could feel the pesto was quite dominating.

Gyu Tan Don (65k).
A bowl of tempting-fragrant-meal.
The rice was generous in the bottom, the ox tongue was plenty on top, and the poached egg was peeking on the corner. Oh, and the special sauce, was really great and it was surely one thing that made this one a special meal. Again, the ox tongue was quite chewy. But the mixture of runny egg, the sauce, and the rice was something yummy!

Mama Goose Breakfast Platter (75k)
Full set breakfast meal with baked beans, hash brown, toasted bread, sausage, grilled tomato, and choices of egg. Simple on the eye, but it was surely a fulfilling breakfast. Everything was tasted okay. My favorite was the gooey baked beans and crunchy hash brown.

The brunch was held once in two weeks, and overall it was quite good. The restaurant itself was packed and  reservation was needed. Well, those people must be loving this pretty place. Looking forward to try their original menu, next time!

Mama Goose
Panglima Polim IX no 16
Jakarta Selatan
021 7229292

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