Friday, September 6, 2013

Puyo Silky Dessert : Comfort in a bowl

Sometimes happiness comes from a really simple thing.
A simple thing with no complicity, just an honesty which is not hard to feel.
One of the simple thing could come from a bowl of dessert.

I have seen Puyo silky dessert since a few months ago and had some intentions to give it a try. Unfortunately a big batch of order was needed for the delivery service. So when Puyo took part at an event at some kind of bazaar, I was so excited to buy some! 

Their favorites are taro, peach, and bubble gum. None of them was really my liking, so I decided to try the banana,  hazelnut. and green tea.

It was silky, just like the way it was called. It was sweet and light. Milky kind of sweet that some people could really fall for. My milky banana was a bit bland on top, but sweeter on the bottom. It felt like the more you digged in, the more you could find the comfort.
My milky green tea was really pretty in green. It was really smooth that I couldn't stop to hand a spoonful to my mouth. It was easily enjoyable. And of course, I fell easily for the silky hazelnut. The flavor was just right, and tasted like a real hazelnut for me. My favorite one indeed!

Easy, light, and sweet. It was really something I looked for from a quick dessert. You could taste the sweetness for only 9k each! I just can't wait to try all of the flavors!

Puyo Silky Dessert

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  1. tried the peach one and disappointed. faint scent, no peach flavor, not sweet enough.. only the silky texture that makes me happy.