Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kaihomaru : The freshness to die for!

My friend once asked me about my favorite food.
Seriously, that was one hard question!
It took me a long time to decide this or that (yes, I took that question seriously!), and finally voiced my final answer : Sushi.

It was not hard to find those Japanese restaurants with good sushi, but Jakarta's most accessible sushi chain was those kind of fusion sushi. I did not say they're not good, they served great taste with those various toppings on sushi! But if you dig up for an authenticity, Kaihomaru could be a hidden gem!

Located at Little Tokyo in Melawai area, Kaihomaru is one of the Japanese good restaurants that you could find there.
It was crowded with Japanese expats. One sign of the authenticity. Those people just kept coming from the Japanese sliding door. I was hoping to dine with tatami, seems like they did not have one.
I found the menu was hard to understand (I did not familiar with those Japanese term, my bad) and I keep asking for the explanation with the rushing waitress.

Kaisenfutomaki (58k). It was a plate of huge rolls, with generous filling. The menu itself means all the freshness from the sea, and yes it tasted great! The salmon and tuna was served in big chunks. The squid was fresh as well. I found it funny to find it was filled with squid, but it was not fishy at all. Those goodness in a roll topped with fish roe, I found it was addicting!

Freshness on a plate! Their salmon sashimi (69.8k) was undoubtedly awesome, and the cutting was quite generous, too. You could know it was a great one by the time it was served on the table.

I called it rainbow on a plate. They called it Kaisen salad (55k). A big plate served with fresh shrimp, tuna, salmon, anchovy, and lettuce, accompanied with their special sauce. I could feel a kick of peanut from the sauce, and it was great. One of the best Japanese salad!

Agedashi tofu (32k). A bowl of golden and lustrous beautiful tofu. The tofu was very silky but it tasted just fine. The sauce was quite good.

It was a big meal but my mouth was still craving for something sweet or savory. I guess my liking was influenced with those kind of fusion sushi, although all the freshness was satisfying. Do come on Tuesday and Friday, the fish is freshly arrived. I recommend to make a reservation since it is always full house. Finding a parking a lot was such a trouble, too.

Jl. Melawai 6, no 23
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 7398741

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