Monday, September 23, 2013

Populi : Humble yet comfortable

Let me take you away for a while from the crowds in Jakarta.
Heading to the west, we're going through the busy traffic at the suburb.
Jakarta suburb is developing, really, in many things.
One of those things, is the food.

Introducing Populi, a newly born restaurant in Karawaci area. I was a complete stranger on the area, so it was a bit hard to find this one at first.

My first impression, they were trying to offer the comfy ambiance, and it worked. Wooden floor and the white brick on the wall were dominating the room. Comforting with the humble atmosphere. Unfortunately, I found those mosquitos were quite disturbing.

Fettuccine Carbonara (35k).
A plate of well-cooked spaghetti. Creamy and tasty. I liked everything served on the plate, the mixture of those things were enjoyable. I could feel the honesty from the meal.

Fish and Chips (35k) served with mashed potato and coleslaw.
I asked for mashed potato instead of the chips. Turned out I made a right decision, the mashed potato was really good. The cheese was quite dominating, and the fragrant was tempting. The fish was just okay, quite generous, too. Nothing special with the coleslow.

Lime juice

Choco Lava (25k) served with vanilla icecream and choco stick.
Tasted okay. At first I found that it was not melting inside, turned out the dig was not deep enough. 

I was enjoying every bite of the food. Populi is surely one comfort restaurant with enjoyable food and affordable price. 

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