Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sucree : Sweetness in a small thing.

I am a tartlet-enthusiast.
I love every kind of it, fruits or crumble, you name it.
The buttery-scented crust meets the delicate rich filling, so adorable.

Introducing Sucree, a home factory of French Patisserie, is here to indulge the needs of  this kind of dessert. The owner learnt in a pastry school and finally came back to serve us with its honesty. The good news is Sucre is taking part in Jakarta Culinary Passport which is held in Grand Indonesia, so I had a chance to try some.

Selections of mini tartlets and quiche. So pretty!

Cake in a jars and cheese cake selection. Diversion on the eye!

Decided to buy the banana crumble, tuna quiche, and chicken with mushroom quiche (8.5k each). I was looking for the fruit tartlets but unfortunately it was not available for the bazaar.
 The crumble on the top of banana tartlet was such a jolly! The buttery scent and sweetness was just right. The crust was a bit hard but it was still okay. The chicken with mushroom was rich, a real taste of chicken and mushroom inside. Too bad the crust of mine was a bit messy. The tuna quiche was flavorful, too! I warmed it in the oven for a while to make the crust softer and it worked. Two of the quiche was really rich of flavor and I was satisfied.

It could be a good partner for my afternoon tea, but I found it a bit pricey for the tiny size. I believed the natural ingredients was the major cause. Good thing came from the good source, right?

PS: buy 1 box of 10 tartlets for 80k! ;)

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