Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Milky Way Pudding : Sweet things come easy

One of the most promising industry these days is dessert.
The sweetness, the enjoyment in every bite, the guilty pleasure after-taste are simply things people could not say no to. You could have it complicated or choose a simple one. And yeay to the easiness in life, you could have this one in a click away!

Introducing Milkyway, milky pudding in a cute little bottle. The prettiness itself was such a solace on the eye. Took a part in Jakarta Culinary Festival last week, their booth in pink was surely as sweet as the dessert they sold! The packaging of the pudding was reminding me of those milk bottle in my childhood cartoon series!

Pretty puddings of theirs. Milky caramel, milky chocolate caramel, caramel machiato, green tea, and milky strawberry. Too bad the green tea one was out of stock, I was dying to try it! Ended up with milky caramel, milky chocolate caramel, and milky strawberry. You could have it for 19k each.

One word : It was very milky! It was a bit too sweet at first, the caramel on the bottom was kind of overwhelming. Mixed it together and it would be much better. The chocolate caramel was such a lovable one, too! It had that chocolate sensation which was an excellence indeed. I prefer the milky strawberry one since it had its sour flavor, something to balance the sweetness from the milk.

And yes, they are just a click a way.  Sweet things do come easy for sure!

Milky Way Pudding


  1. Your pictures are lovely! I'm gonna order it right away :D :D

    1. thankyou nat! Go go try them, tell we what you think about it! ;)