Friday, September 13, 2013

Karokun Yakitori

Japanese food culture is such a hype in Jakarta.
You could easily find those restaurants in public places.
Nowadays this kind of industry is making such an easiness for the customer, a home-delivery service.

Karokun Yakitori is a new venture with a big taste, 2 months serving and still counting. Yeay to us,Karokun Yakitori is grilling at Jakarta Culinary Passport!

Selections of tasty Yakitori on the display. All of them was such a temptation!

Salmon skewer (20k) and shitake skewer (10k).
( Another menu was about 10-20k )
Their yakitori was served with their special sauce, which was really tasty. It was a combination of sweet and salty, and the seasoning was just perfect. Fried garlic and seaweed was served on the side and made it even better. It was my favorite one from Jakarta Culinary Passport!

They are new, but surely the taste was not an amateur. A new addiction on my list!

Karokun Yakitori
0821 2208 0378

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