Sunday, July 24, 2016


Brunch has became one of popular destinations for people in Jakarta. While getting brunch menu was quite an effort in last few years, it is not hard to get one right now. Brunch was used to be a popular spot in South Jakarta, especially in those places where most expats are residing. For now, even people in North and West Jakarta are able to get this easily.

Introducing Anterograde, one tiny shop at North Jakarta, Kelapa Gading area to be exact, one of many restaurants that serve brunch menu. They actually also serve Asian dish like fried rice and pad thai, typical Jakarta restaurant that have it all in one stop.

Anterograde is located in Kelapa Nias street, aligne with Hey Nature and newly renovated Fat Bubble. The place itself was not too spacious, remind me of brunch spot in Sydney or Melbourne that packed and small.

Spicy tomato sauce, prawn, barramundi

Melted cheese, mix salad, 63 degree egg with roasted potato

Rice noodle, tamarind sauce, with prawn and tofu

Potato dumpling, salsa verde, 63 degree egg

63 degree egg, spinach, english muffin with hollandaise sauce

Overall it was not bad, but I really hoped to have stronger flavor to all the dishes. Above all my favorite was egg benedict: pretty presentation with palatable flavor. I could find several flaws like consistency in pasta flavor, bland pesto sauce, but somehow I found that tolerable. However Anterograde could be your choice to try humble brunch menu in quite an affordable price.

Jalan Raya Kelapa Nias, blok GN-1 no 7, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara
(021) 4530812
Opening hour: 10am-10pm

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