Thursday, July 28, 2016


Talking about comfortable coffee shop in South Jakarta area, Walking Drums is one not to be missed. Its open space outside could really make you feel like having coffee overseas, of course when Jakarta is on good mood (weather, I mean). The natural light was pretty, dark wooden exterior was lovely,a and people were friendly. The place itself was not spacious and it was quite packed while I was there in random hour in weekdays. Even they're having a photoshoot session while I was there. No wonder, the natural light made it effortless.


I am not a coffee expert, I just enjoy coffee. Surely I had some favorite places to grab a coffee, and while new coffee shops were popping out here and there, somehow I always keep my expectation high. Their coffee latte was just okay, it was quite watery, while the flavor was actually alright. The americano was good, right flavor and consistency.

Good thing here, they have some main courses and snacks menu. Trust me it was one important factor to make you sit longer in a coffee shop.


Chicken wing with salted egg sauce? Well that's new to me! 4 pieces of tender chicken wings, flavorful sauce, and spicy as well. It was something that gonna make you lick your hand after eating this. However, some of you might find it too spicy! For me it was delicious, yum!

Honestly I did not expect much for the pasta, but my friend was really hungry and finally we ordered this one. The flavor turned out yummy! Seasoning was on point and the texture of the pasta was good. They served it with chicken breast on top, which was uncommon for me, but still it was delicious and tender. 

Fried rice is one basic menu in every restaurant, and serving a good one is a must! Their nasi goreng ijo/green fried rice was surely one comfortable dish enhanced with salted fish, fried egg and shrimp cracker. Might be humble, but it was yummy and fulfilling!


I did put my expectation here because they said it was one of their favorites. They were using white pao for the bread which was quite hard after I left it for a while.The cheese, beef patty, and pineapple made it better and were a good match one to another. It was not my favorite here, tho.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE HERE! Tasty and crispy thin pizza with lotsa cheese on top! Mozzarella, parmesan,gorgonzola, ementhal cheese, you said it, it were there. I found that it looked like they were using something like thin biscuit for the pizza dough brilliantly. Turned out it was scrumptious!

Walking Drums could really be your choice to chill around when you are in the neighborhood. Coffee was ordinary, to be honest, but they have these things to enhance their existence: comfortable place and tasty food. Happy to be here, Walking Drums!

Walking Drums
Jl. Pati Unus F4, Blok M, Jakarta

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Jessica Christy Limanjaya
Instagram: @jechristy

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