Saturday, July 23, 2016


As you follow me instagram (@jechristy) I had this pleasing dining experience at one of restaurant at Gading Serpong area. I am a big fan of Japanese food and I heard that Torigen at Gading Serpong has quite a good review. Honestly I did not believe it until I try it by myself, not because I did not trust people, I just know that everyone have their personal favorite and opinion. So I did go to try this one.

Torigen Teppanyaki is located in 'coffee shops area' in Gading Serpong, aligned with Turning Point coffee, Daily Press, and its sister chain restaurant Porto from Altima Group. Place-wise it was not a big one, but quite comfortable. First floor was designed for those who wants to eat at sushi bar with live view for the chef and second floor was designer for larger group. 

Comfy seating is on point. I personally loved their design for interior and menu. Classy in humble way.

The first thing caught my eye was this: pork okonomiyaki! They have several choices for the topping such as beef and seafood, but surely I would go for the pork one!  Okonomiyaki was quite nice and size was good for sharing with 2-3 people. The pork itself was actually pork bacon bits and quite small, but I still can catch the pork bits with my tastebuds.

SALMON CRISPY ROLL - 55k for 8 slices /39k for 4 slices
I must say, I was quite impressed with their sushi. Theirs was not a kind of the fresh original sushi without any sauce for sure, but somehow the flavor was not overwhelming at all. You know that somehow mayonnaise and any other sauces could make it less original and also high in calories. Their salmon crispy roll was good!

Presentation was the thing I loved the most from this bento. It was colorful and pretty effortlessly. Actually it was a bento of Japanese rice, fried tofu, and grilled pork. Everything was nice but I found the rice was way too salty. I did asked the waitress and they said it was not supposed to be a salty one, might be dropping any salt on it, I guess. But overall, it was an affordable and enjoyable dish! 

Another pork creation. Yes it was a portion of pork katsu with egg and bed of steamed rice. It was not bad. Kind of comfort food that you knew would not ever fail when you did not in the mood of trying something new.

Overall I was happy to have my lunch here. Staff was friendly, knowledge of food was good too! Food was affordable and enjoyable as well. Make sure to give it a visit when you are in the neighboourhood.

Torigen Teppanyaki Bar
Ruko Golden 8 blok J no 3
Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang
(021) 29507999
Opening hour: 11am-10pm

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