Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hello people!
Bandar Lampung is actually my hometown but I've been living in Jakarta since high school and it only gave me twice a year opportunities to come back home. Although it is not a big city, things I love about it is my hometown food, such as traditional nasi uduk or kue putu. But recently new cafes were popping up and I heard some of them were good. So I decided to try one!

Agogo cafe, located in the main street of Pahoman area, which is a busy street where most schools are residing. It is so strategic!
It is not a big one, but turns out the sansbag idea is a brilliant one. I can imagine myself spend hours sitting in the corner. 

Vanilla latte ice -28k
Coffee was not bad. I could not really tell the consistency because it was on iced tho. But surely an enjoyable cup!

Agogo Nachos - 27k
Quick bites. For me it actually was not nachos, more likely fried wonton, and actually pretty good. Bolognaise sauce on it made it even better. It was very enjoyable, but when people order for nachos, I think they do not hope for fried wonton, do they?

Agogo Banana rolls - 22k
It was actually a very simple idea. Bread rolls with banana on the center and sprinkled with peanuts and chocolate. Homey yet palatable dishes!

Apple crumble with vanilla icecream -27k
If I should recommend I thing you should try: apple crumble it is! Presentation was interesting, cuts of apple with buttery crumble which I loooved! Tied by vanilla icecream and whipped cream. A must try in Agogo!

Panna Cotta Agogo- 27k
Generous slices of pannacota which consisted of 3 flavors, they said. Texture was actually more like pudding and it was not bad at all. Cuts of fruits made it fresh but honestly I could not feel any different flavors, just a nice vanilla flavor. 

Overall Agogo is not bad at all. Comfy corner, palatable food, nice ambiance. A thing that you should try when visiting Lampung. 

Agogo Cafe
Jl. Gajah mada Rawa Laut (next to SD Fransiskus 2)
Bandar Lampung

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